What does swimming have to do with music?

What does swimming have to do with music?

I have two passions in life; music (obviously) and swimming. Ive been passionate about water sports my whole life, I love to be in the water, I love surfing, scuba diving and anything and everything to do with water sports. Most people don’t know that I spent 8 years as a competitive swimming (shout out Edmonton Keyano Swim Club) and only quit because of a knee injury that killed my potential swimming career. Today I am very thankful for the injury because it led me down the music rabbit hole but I have never lost my passion for swimming.

So what does swimming specifically have to do with my music.

  1. I tell all my vocal students to swim. Why? Swimming is the best form of exercise for your body and specifically for your lungs. I firmly believe that I built my vocal power with a swimming foundation. Breath control is one of the most important things for a vocalist to master and luckily for me I was a competitive swimmer when I started taking vocal lessons with a qualified instructor who taught me to breathe from my diaphragm. So I was being trained to focus on my breathing from two different disciplines at the same time. Even for vocalists who have never been avid swimmers I still recommend starting a swimming regime. You will be amazed at how your breathe control will improve and how much more powerful your voice will become.
  2. Being a competitive swimmer in my adolescence taught me about discipline. I am a big fan of solo sports because you are only as good as how hard you’re willing to work. Music is no different. No one can force me to practice those tedious and goofy vocal exercises that I’m sure every singer hates. I have to do it. No one could force me to wake up every day at 4:30am to hit the pool. I had to do it. I was a very motivated swimmer and made national qualifying times because I was disciplined. I treat my music career the same way.
  3. Sometimes music is not fun. Don’t get me wrong I love music more than anything but working towards a music career is very stressful. Swimming is my way of releasing stress and turning off my mind. It’s something that I’m good at, that I enjoy and that has NOTHING to do with writing music. I always encourage other career musicians to find another hobby that they enjoy so that when music becomes stressful and unnerving you have a healthy release. After a swim, I always feel more relaxed and I find that it helps me with writer’s block.

Thanks for reading, time to hit the pool!