New album- World of Make Believe

We are so excited to be releasing World of Make Believe to the world. This album has been such a labor of love and felt like it took forever to release. This album took us through alot of ups and downs, during the writing process and in the studio.  There were so many songs to choose from and we compiled this album to take the listener through a journey of the sociological imagination. We’re hoping people will listen to our music and look at the world through new eyes. People need to look around and notice the chaos around us and also realize that one person can make a difference in the world!

Enjoy the album and thank-you for your support!cover2

Vocal Health

So many people ask me how I keep my voice in great shape. It’s true handling extreme vocals is difficult, but with the right preparation anything is possible. 

First of all I seek out the best vocal coaches I can find. I have worked with some of the best coaches in LA and New York in order to create the voice I have today… and Im still working on it. There are more things that I want to accomplish and master with my voice. 

Second I practice EVERY DAY! Even if it’s just a 20 minute warm up, I try and give my voice a work out everyday….unless I’m sick.  When it comes to extreme vocals I only practice them 3-4 times a week and only after a long warm up. 

Lastly, overall vocal health includes hydration and a healthy diet. It’s important to keep your vocal chords hydrated and nourished like any other muscle in your body. Grether’s Pastilles are also great for the vocal cords.  

Hope this offers you a glimpse into my vocal regiment- keep singing because without music life is meaningless. 

  • KVH